How to Find the Perfect Denim Skirt

perfect denim skirt

perfect denim skirt
perfect denim skirt perfect denim skirt

perfect denim skirt

perfect denim skirt

Shirt: c/o Wrangler; Skirt Gap via Goodwill (Similar Splurge // Save); Bandana: Wal-Mart; Belt: Brighton via Goodwill (Similar Splurge // Save); Backpack: Via Spiga via Goodwill (Similar Splurge // Save); Shoes: Sam Edelman via Goodwill (Similar Splurge // Save); Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Now that I’m creeping up the hill to 30, the Abercrombie denim mini of my teens is out of the question. A denim skirt has been on my Goodwill wish list (a must have) since January. I was often frustrated with Goodwill’s lack of suitable denim skirt finds, but I held out hope that I would one day find my one true denim love. Alas, I spotted this classic Gap style on a recent Half-Off Saturday trip. I knew, for only $2.25, we were meant to be together forever-ish. This skirt may be the only fish in the denim sea for me, but here are a few tips (aka strong opinions) to help you find your perfect denim skirt!

Rise. I prefer a mid or high-waisted style. Consider your closet and how you plan to style your denim skirt. I opted for a high-rise accentuating (or creating) a waist line so I could easily pair the skirt with looser tees or form-fitting tops. For the love all that is good and holy, stay away from Laguna Beach style low-rise minis and crop tops.

Length. If you want to rock a denim mini, go for  it girl! I wanted  a style that fit mid-thigh to knee-length. This is my sweet spot for skirts. The middle slit on this Goodwill find added a sassy touch to a longer hem.

Details. The devil is in the details, right? I found a ton of denim skirts with pocket, hem, and embellishment detailing that I didn’t love. Pay attention to the little things on denim skirts, because the placement of pockets, buttons, or embroidery can turn your denim soul mate into a hard no.

If you haven’t found your one true denim skirt love, it’s out there waiting on you! Do you have any denim styling tips? Leave me a comment below.

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