Non-Goodwill Gold: Fall Favorites

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It has been a few months since I shared one my Favorites posts, so it’s about time I share with you a few things I am loving for fall.

1. Grow Gorgeous (c/o) I have lusted after thick, luxurious hair for years, and I have yet resorted to weave. I have tried all the things to make my hair grow, collagen, biotin, miracle shampoo, you name it. SkinStore sent me the line of Grow Gorgeous products to try, and I have seen a significant increase in the thickness and growth of my hair. My favorites are the Scalp Detox and Volumizing Shampoo.

2. Focus Keeper Have you ever heard of the Pomodoro Technique? Yeah, me either. It’s a time management technique to break down your time into 25 minute intervals separated by short breaks. The app makes the tracking and recording insanely easy for you! Though I think my multi-tasking skills are top-notch, I’ve been utterly amazed at how much I accomplish focusing on a single task for 25 miutes. (There is a paid version for $1.99, but the free version works great for me!)

3. Cults Podcast It’s not secret that I’m a podcast junkie! I’ve received a good amount of positive feedback based on my podcast recommendations so I’m including my newest favorite! In two-part episodes, Cults explores history’s most infamous cults (and their leaders).

4. Siete Chips There are tortilla chips then, they are TORTILLA CHIPS. Funny thing is that these “tortilla” chips aren’t actually tortilla at all. They’re all natural and paleo which basically means I can eat the whole bag in one sitting, guilt free. I purchase mine from Thrive Market (one of my past favorites) because they’re $1 cheaper than Whole Foods. Trust me, those $1 add up when you go through a bag every two days. Sign up for Thrive Market using this link for 25% off your first order! (FYI: Nacho is the best flavor!)

5. Rachel by Rachel Roy Earrings Hoops are back, baby! Though not traditional hoops, these fall favorites are dainty enough for everyday wear but also make a statement in a big way. I received these earrings in my first Le Tote and have worn them non-stop since!

If you have tried any of these fall favorites or have any favorite recommendations, leave me a comment below! I’m celebrating my TWO YEAR anniversary of Goldwill Digger this weekend! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for following along on my blog journey!

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  1. Rachel Tucker
    September 29, 2017 / 10:55 am

    Always love your favorites! Can’t wait to check out the Cults podcast.

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