DIY Tassel Charm Beach Bag

Tassels are the new monograms. If it doesn’t move, stick a tassel on it. Want to get in on the tassel trend for summer, but don’t want to spend over $100 on a beach bag like this one? Have an old straw beach bag lying around and 30 minutes to spare?! Adding a vibrant tassel charm to update your beach bag for summer is a no brainer!


What You Need:

  • Cotton Yarn (I suggest at least 3 different colors.)
  • Ruler
  • Twine
  • Cardboard
  • Yarn Needle
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Beach Bag

I snagged the perfect beach bag from the Goodwill Outlet for under $1 last summer. It’s sturdy, a great size, and perfect to recreate the tassel beach tote found at high-end department stores for a fraction of the cost. Just follow a few simple steps

  1. Cut a piece of cardboard to your desired length of tassel. (I suggest 2 1/2 – 3 inches.)
  2. Wrap your desired color of yarn around the cardboard 25-30 times. Feel free to experiment with this number based on how think or thin you want your tassels to be.
  3. Cut off the excess yarn. Slip your scissors in between the cardboard and one end of the tassel. (Hint: It’s helpful if you double up the cardboard like I did above making it easier to cut the tassel evenly.

4. Cut a piece of yarn and lay your tassel on top. Tie the piece of yarn tightly around the top of the tassel approximately 1 inch from the fold. Trim any stray tassels, and give a little shake!

5. Complete steps 1-4 until you have the desire number of tassels for your bag charm.

6. Measure and cut the twine for the desired length of your tassel charm.

7. Lay out your tassels in the order you would like to string them.

8. Thread the end of the twine through the embroidery needle. Then, thread the embroidery needle through the top of your tassel. 

8. Repeat Step 7 until you have completed your tassel charm on both sides. It’s important to do each side while the twine is on the bag so the tassels hang the correct way.

9. Slide your tassels on the twine. Double knot the twine and cut off any excess. Give your tassels a little shake and fluff!

You’re all done and ready to hit up the closest beach or pool! Bonus: this tassel can easily be transferred to another bag!

I would love to see your tassel charm beach bags! Tag me (@goldwilldigger) in your creations on Facebook and Instagram!

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