4 Popular Brands You’re Missing at Goodwill

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How did you find that? How do you know what brands to look for? These are just a couple of the frequent questions I receive about Goodwill shopping. In addition to my Tips for Gold Digging, one of my tricks to finding gold is being familiar with brands. You’re probably familiar with all of the popular mall brands, but what about the house labels sold exclusively at high-end department stores or specialty boutiques? It’s not common to find a NWT (a.k.a new with tags) garment telling you exactly where a piece of clothing originated, but you don’t need it with a little research and help from me! The title of this post is a little deceiving because this post covers hundreds of brands that can be found at Goodwill.


Maybe you’re familiar with all of the major labels that Nordstrom carries, but what about the house labels? Nordstrom has several house labels that I spot at Goodwill frequently. One of Nordstom’s most popular house labels, Halogen, is a frequent Goodwill find with a medium retail price point and millenial focused brand. I’ve found several Halogen tops at Goodwill that I LOVE! (This top is on of my favorite Halogen finds!)  Other popular Nordstrom house labels include Treasure & Bond, Zella (activewear), BP. (juniors), Lewit, and Leith.  (FYI: Zella is great alternative and lower price point to Lululemon, and I’m a HUGE fan of the Zella Live-In Leggings.) You can find more information on all of the Nordstrom house labels and current inventory here.


Esley is a popular mid-priced boutique brand. Depending on where you live and whether the speciality boutiques in your area carry Esley pieces, it may or may not be a common Goodwill find. I’ve found quite a few Esley pieces. Though not of exceptionally great quality, the brand has cute prints and on trend styles!


Anthroplogie carries HUNDREDS of brands which you can find listed here on their website. Not all of the brands listed on their site are exclusively available at Anthro, but some of the most common Anthro exclusive brands I see at Goodwill are Maeve, Girls from Savoy, Elevenses, and Moulinette Soeurs. If you’re unfamiliar with what these tags look like, here is a very helpful Pinterest board with 100+ pictures of Anthropologie brand tags. No need to memorize these tags or spend the time to google every unknown tag you encounter at Goodwill because there is one commonality among all of the brand tags, quality. If a brand is investing detail into a tag, it’s guaranteed the same level of detail is invested in the garment itself.


Stitch Fix

I’m sure you’ve heard of the popular clothing subscription service, Stitch Fix, but are you familiar with their exclusive labels? Yeah, me either. I used to be a Stitch Fix subscriber so when I found a 41Hawthorn piece at Goodwill I knew it was from Stitch Fix. You can see a full list of Stitch Fix’s exclusive labels here. As more and more people subscribe to the Stitch Fix service, Goodwill will be full of more Stitch Fix brand donations!

Want to become a better, more efficient Goodwill shopper? Do your research on popular brands and their tags. I hope you found this post helpful on discovering popular Goodwill brands Are there any other lesser known brands that you frequently find at Goodwill? Leave me a comment below with your favorite brand finds!



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  1. Carole Manley
    January 18, 2018 / 7:06 pm

    I have found new Chico items with the tags still attached.

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