Ever since I cut my cable, I have been obsessed with listening to podcasts whether it’s while I’m cleaning, cooking, or doing my make up. I’ve feature a couple of my favorite podcasts on previous Non-Goodwill Gold posts, but I wanted to devote an entire post to my favorite podcasts. Much like my eclectic personal interests, my must-listen podcasts range from reality TV to political analysis. Here are a few of my current favorites.

  1. Bobbycast – If you’re a country music fan at all, you have to listen to the Bobbycast! Host of the popular syndicated morning show, Bobby Bones, interviews country artists, songwriters, and other heavy hitters in the music industry to give you an inside peek into the industry. I love hearing the stories behind some of my favorite country songs!
  2. Sworn – Sworn is a new podcast I just started listening to this week from the same producers as Up & Vanished. (Previously featured on my monthly favorites here.) This podcast, hosted by attorney Phillip Holloway, takes a deeper look at the legal aspects and untold stories of major cases. Even though I never had an interest in practicing criminal law, true crime documentaries/podcasts/etc. have always fascinated me. (Watch The Keepers on Netflix!)
  3. The Laptop Lifestyle – My friend and fellow girl boss extraordinaire hosts The Laptop Lifestyle, interviewing millennial entrepreneurs, bloggers, artists, adventure seekers, and those creatives that just don’t quit fit under a title. Her interviews are insightful and inspiring.
  4. Ear Hustle – I saw Ear Hustle featured on the Today Show last week and had to give it a listen. Even only a couple of episodes in, I’m hooked on the stories of inmates at the San Quentin State Prison. It’s real and raw.
  5. The Morning Breath – The Morning Breath is my guilty pleasure podcast. Bravo reality shows, Bachelor/Bachelorette drama, and the latest pop culture drama brought to you by one of my favorite social media stars, Girl With No Job. She and her sister chat about the latest pop culture gossip and always keep it 100!

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Do you have any favorite podcasts? Leave your recommendations below!

Top: ASOS via Goodwill (Similar Splurge // Save); Pants: Tobi via Goodwill (Similar Splurge // Save); Blazer: Vintage via Goodwill (Similar Splurge // Save); Shoes: Stuart Weitzman via Goodwill (Similar Splurge // Save)

Dating is stressful enough as a 20-something navigating the waters of dating apps, the constant pressure to meet your soul-mate at every turn, and that annoying biological clock ticking slowly in your head, it’s generally advisable to wear clothing on these planned encounters with your potential mate. Then comes the great balancing act of looking/feeling sexy, not trying too hard, and showing your personality. The last thing you want to do is spend a fortune on a whole new outfit to impress a guy, right? From personal experience, a new outfit creates a level of expectation that usually results in buyer’s remorse. I prefer to splurge for a fresh manicure or new lipstick that gives me a little pep in my step that the opposite sex would never even notice.

This look is perfect if you’re heading to a nice dinner, fun concert, or even a “cocktail attire” event. I am obsessedddd with this look because it’s subtly sexy and comfortable. (Bonus: Black will hide any of your food or wine spills.) It also easily transitions between seasons with a printed blazer or leather jacket. Even in the summer, restaurants venues may be chilly so I try to bring a jacket or wrap with me.  Most importantly, be yourself. Date night is not the time to push yourself out of you fashion comfort zone. First dates are already awkward and painful enough, you don’t need the added pressure of a new persona.


Do you have any go-to tips for dressing for date nights? Leave me a comment below!