Robe: Goodwill (Similar Splurge // Save); Tank: Topshop; Jeans Gap via Goodwill (Similar Splurge//Save); Shoes: Prada, old (black and red available here); Clutch: Vintage via Goodwill (Similar Splurge // Save); Lip Color: Tom Ford in Casablanca

You know those trends that look ridiculously good on street style bloggers and models but absolutely ridiculous on us pleebs? That’s exactly how I felt about the robe trend. Yes, it looks amazing on Bella Hadid because she’s a 5’10 goddess, but I’m going to look like a crazy cat lady wearing her pajamas in public. When my personal shopper, a.k.a my mom, picked up this robe from Goodwill for me, I thought, “Not happening. Nope.” I was wrong. Very wrong.

This vintage robe from Goodwill could easily pass for the popular floral kimonos found at asos or Forever 21, but it was under $5.  It is perfect for spring whether you want to dress it up over a little black dress like this one or over your favorite pair of cutoffs. I chose to pair this vintage robe over my favorite black tank, distressed Goodwill jeans, and these AMAZE Prada heels I snagged from Nordstrom Rack for $92! It made me feel a little sexy, a little sassy, and oh so stylish (the TRIFECTA)!! And did I mention robes are one size fits all?!

If you plan on venturing to your local Goodwill to find the perfect vintage robe for spring, look for a robe with a fun pattern. Steer clear of the “wrap” style robes. This style is not going to give you the straight edge kimono that you want. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find the perfect robe on the first trip. Visit a couple of different Goodwill locations, and you will definitely find the hottest spring trend at a fraction of the cost! Tag me in your finds on Instagram (@goldwilldigger)!

Do you like the robe trend? How would you style this robe? Leave me a comment below!

Opinions are like striped tees. Everyone has one, but most of them stink. Isn’t that how the saying goes?!  But seriously, I have been the uninspired and lackadaisical owner of many striped tees in my 28 years. I’ve always been pretty lazy about styling my striped tee. Pair it with jeans and sneakers, and I’m out of the door! Striped tees can be tricky,  colors, width of stripe, neckline, and length, are all factors to consider when finding your go-to striped tee. Lucky for me, this 99 cent tee from Goodwill met all of my striped tee needs! Here are three easy and fun ways to style a striped tee!

Vest: Banana Republic via Goodwill (Similar Splurge // Save); Tee: Gap via Goodwill (Similar Here); Joggers: Gentle Fawn, old (Similar Here): Sneakers: Kate Spade (Similar Here); Hat: Goodwill (Similar Splurge // Save); Purse: Banana Republic, old (Similar Here).

Pairing a striped tee with joggers and a long vest gives a casual-cool vibe that is perfect for grabbing coffee in a hip coffee shop or running errands around town.

Blaze: Elizabeth and James via Goodwill (Similar Splurge // Save); Tee: Gap via Goodwill (Similar Here); Jeans: Banana Republic; Clutch: Goodwill (Similar Splurge // Save); Shoes: Zara, old (Similar Here).

For a more polished look, pair a striped tee with a black blazer. A blazer elevates the look and makes a tee appropriate for work days in a creative office or my personal favorite, Casual Friday! It easily transitions to Happy Hour with a statement clutch.

Denim Jacket: Old Navy via Goodwill (Similar Splurge // Save); Tee: Gap via Goodwill (Similar Here); Skirt: Michael Kors via Goodwill (Similar Splurge // Save); Purse: Vintage via Goodwill (Similar Splurge // Save); Sunglasses: Celine

Knot a stripped tee over your favorite maxi skirt (or dress) for the perfect outfit for brunch with your girlfriends. Don’t be afraid to mix prints! This is the perfect way to put a spin on your favorite maxi dress, especially if you’re on vacation and packing space is limited.

What is your favorite way to style a striped tee? Leave me a comment below!