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Dress: Vintage via Goodwill (Similar Splurge // Save); Shoes: Sam Edelman via Goodwill (Similar Splurge // Save); Purse: Vintage via Goodwill; Choker: Vanessa Mooney

Being both unique and affordable (usually) with a sprinkle of drama, I’ve always had a soft spot for vintage designs.  I love finding vintage pieces at Goodwill and incorporating those pieces into my wardrobe.  Do you see vintage pieces on the Goodwill racks, but pass over them because, “You could never pull that off”?  Vintage virgin no more! You can make vintage work for you without looking like you got chewed up and spit out of a Mad Men episode with these three tips.

Mix it up.

Wearing vintage from head to toe may give off pre-Halloween vibes, so mix in current trends with vintage pieces. Take one statement  piece and pair it with today’s trends like over the knee boots  or a wrap choker. Keep your hair and makeup contemporary to let your outfit be the star.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

A drab, shapeless dress today on the rack could easily be a show-stopper by tonight. Switching out the buttons is the easiest and biggest change you can make to a vintage piece. Buttons are a dead giveaway to the age and condition of a garment. There are countless ways to update the garment depending on your level of creativity and skill. Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration and tutorials.

Modern trends.

Modern designers reinterpret vintage designs every single season. Sheer tops, denim jumpers, and high-waisted ANYTHING are all trends sported by the biggest fashionistas, but easily found on your local Goodwill racks. Fashion trends are cyclical, and many of today’s designs are reinterpreted from style, art, and fashionistas of the past.

Of course, I love the humble brag when I get to respond from the inevitable inquiry: Stranger: “OMG! Where did you get that?” Me: “It’s 1960’s vintage.” (It makes me feel way cooler than I actually am.) Check out my favorite vintage look I’ve ever posted in this 80’s Escada blouse.  Have you ever found a vintage piece that you love? Leave me a comment below!

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Jacket: Nordstrom, sold out (Similar Here); Tank: Vintage via Goodwill (Similar Here); Jeans: Gap via Goodwill (Similar Splurge // Save); Belt: Vintage via Goodwill; Necklace: Johnnie Q, old (Similar Here); Sneakers: Ugg

College football season has officially kicked off! *insert praise hands emojis* Although the gameday experience hinges around kickoff time, Southern girls know the day is really all about the tailgate style. From sky-high stilettos to jersey dresses, I have seen the full spectrum of tailgate attire. Some of my biggest fashion faux paus have been showcased on the runway that is gameday Have no fear, I’m here to save you from the bedazzled tees and jersey dresses of yesteryear!

Layers. It’s all about the layers. We all know that tailgating is a marathon, not a sprint. Being outside for 8-10 hours could mean experiencing a dramatic change in temperature. The South is still hot in September and October, but the nights are a little chilly, especially when that whiskey jacket starts to wear off. Layering a tank or tee under a utility or bomber jacket is key for dressing for all possible conditions. Ditch the jacket during the heat of the day and layer up for kick-off. Plus the added pockets let you store essentials like your coozie, cellphone, and tickets without violating stringent stadium bag policies.

Vintage. I LOOOOOOVE to stock up on vintage team gear from Goodwill! There’s always something to find no matter who you root for. I purchased this tank for $2 during Half Off Saturday, and later found out it’s at least 20 years old. (My uncle claims he received the same tank at a UT baseball clinic in ’91 or ’92.) My $2.99 vintage UT belt from Goodwill almost became a dog collar for my fur brother, but I rescued it just in time! Don’t pay too much for vintage sports gear because Goodwill is a GOLDMINE when it comes to vintage sports jerseys/tees/sweaters/sweatshirts. One of the great things about vintage finds is that I may be the ONLY one of 102,455 people in Neyland Stadium with these vintage pieces! Plus, I like to reminisce on the UT football dominance of my childhood

Comfort. Again, Marathon. Not a sprint. This goes for drinking and shoes, too. As a spry youngster at UT, I walked my fair share of Tennessee’s infamous hills in stilettos. That was dumb, y’all….real.freaking.dumb. Wearing comfortable shoes doesn’t mean they can’t be cute or stylish. Take advantage of the athleisure trend, and sport a pair of Nike Air Max or Van Slip-Ons.  The victory dance is so much sweeter when you’re not stumbling around in 3 inch heels. Gameday is also not the time to wear your new skin-tight dress or mini skirt, especially if you plan to add a couple of mimosas to the day and get WGW.

You can wash, rinse, and repeat this look for any of your favorite teams this weekend, but I will be cheering my heart out for my beloved Vols from Turn 2 of Bristol Motor Speedway! Where will you be cheering on your favorite team this weekend? Leave me a comment below!


Where has summer gone?! I’ve barely gone to the pool all summer so I’m soaking up the long weekend with a good book beside the closest body of water. If you’re doing the same, check out some of my favorites for August!

  1. Banana Republic Scoop Neck Pocket Tee (ON SALE!)- The struggle is so real to find a good white tee, even at Goodwill. These scoop neck tees from Banana Republic are so soft and lightweight. The scoop neck is very flattering and versatile. I bought this tee in 3 colors! These are currently on sale for 40% off!
  2. It Starts With Food – It Starts With Food outlines the plan and science behind Whole 30. If you aren’t familiar with Whole 30, it’s a 30 day nutritional program designed to change your life and view of food. This book explains the program and the science behind why and how certain food groups negatively impact your health and fitness. I could write an entire post on my experience with Whole 30, but you should read this book for yourself!
  3. CycleBar – After my first SoulCycle class a few years ago, I’ve craved a similar indoor cycling experience in Middle Tennessee. It’s finally here with CycleBar in Franklin! The amenities are top-notch, similar to those found in boutique studios in large cities. Every 50 minute ride comes with a complimentary water bottle, banana, shoe rental, and post work-out chilled towel. The studio is spacious and clean! My favorite perk is the in-class leaderboard showing your rank among fellow cyclers! It sparks my competitive spirit and pushes me harder. If you’re into keeping check on your stats, you receive an email after class with your “CycleStats” which you can compare to previous rides. Class packages are available online and in studio with some great specials for new riders!
  4. Jiffy Steamer Hand Held Steamer – My Jiffy Steamer is an extension of my arm. I’ve had my travel steamer since college, and it has been a LIFE SAVER! I don’t have the space for a full size steamer, and I think the hand-held works just as well. I like to add a couple of drops of lavender oil in the water to give my clothes a fresh scent! I’ve gifted this steamer to everyone and their mother…seriously. Plus, it’s made in my hometown!
  5. Hoopla – I’ve recently discovered my love for audiobooks. Listening to an audiobook while doing chores around the house makes the time pass quicker, and I’ve also found myself scrubbing the tub a little harder during dramatic scenes. Audible is a good option, but you’re only able to listen to one book per month for $14.95. If your local library offers Hoopla, you must subscribe! It’s a free app (with your library card) where you check out audiobooks free of charge and listen right on the Hoopla app! Hoopla also offers eBooks, movies, comics, music, and TV shows. The long weekend is the perfect time to download a new audiobook and relax by the pool!

What are you loving this month? Leave me a comment below with your August favorites!